Custom T-Shirts & Hats


No screen cost – You choose a design or we will custom design one and we’ll get it printed and transfer for you. We do not use the old screen printing method of making t-shirts, gone are the days of limited color options, over runs and those darn screen prep charges.

We can print full color, on black t shirts too. But you are not limited to T-shirts we can print on hats and even bags or totes. You can print your design at different sizes at the same cost, so you can get a child small shirts all the way up to 3XXL, with a design that covers the shirt. We also give you better detail with small prints of your design, like on a hat or tote than you can get with screen printing

This is great for small groups (family reunions) or events that you want to promote or remember. No need to have boxes of shirt sitting around the office, just give us a couple of week heads up and we will have them ready on the day of the event.



Let us help you add splash of color to your business